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Anonymous said: you're so cute my heart hurts pls smile forever precious lil babe

Aw..little cutie

Anonymous said: The response to "yeet" is "yah"... I think, I'm not the same anon...


Omg the gifs I reblogged.
Want. It’s 7.40am and I want that.
Breakfast in bed tho..ugh vnrvdhkibdddbjefbhs

Anonymous said: Yeet


Friday, 7:19 am
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I get bored on snapchat sometimes

you are adorable

You are shshsh :*
Friday, 7:18 am
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Anonymous said: Will you suck my ass

No. Also I have a feeling this is Kimmel. Kimmel, that’s only for grown ups

Anonymous said: Are u dating Eva???


Anonymous said: I wanna smooch your face and cuddle you forever.

Awww do it

Anonymous said: I think that I have a legitimate crush on you. It's not just like a little crush you get on a famous person or someone you don't know and haven't met. It's like a real life crush and I'm scared and sad because I don't know you. Why is this happening you're so sweet and nice and beautiful and I really really like you. I'll quit being creepy now, sorry haha I just had to let you know

Awwwwww omfggg ilysm

Anonymous said: God damn it I wish I had snapchat so I could snapchat with you all the time omfg it makes me want to cry

I usually look dumb in snaps a haha

I get bored on snapchat sometimes
Wednesday, 11:21 am
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Wednesday, 10:32 am
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Pls x9000000
Wednesday, 10:23 am
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Anonymous said: I have no friends and all I do is sit at home alone listening to music and masturbating :( is that weird for a girl to do?

Sounds normal? You are human, and I’m sure you have friends. But trust me. 90% of tumblr can relate.